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What We Do For You


We pride ourselves on keeping appointments within a two hour window. You won't need to wait at home all day. If delays do occur, we notify the customer as soon as possible.


In our experience, almost all repairs can be performed at the customer's residence on the spot. If necessary, special parts can be acquired in the States and shipped directly to the customer.


  • Installing your machines off the lift and adapting them for Israeli conditions.
  • Ice maker connections
  • Dryer venting
  • Washer/dryer stacking
  • Getting your machine through your Israeli doorway


  • Seasonal maintenance for dryers
  • Air conditioning freon fill-ups
  • Air conditioning filter replacements
  • Refrigerator condensor cleaning


  • Converting pilot gas dryers to electric ignition
  • Accessibility for central air conditioning filtering
  • Making electronic features Shabbat useable


  • Eliezer is available for telephone consultation Sunday through Thursday mornings between 8:00 and 9:00 AM.